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PTFE Lined Valve

Right from ball valve to butterfly valve, all kinds of valve are PTFE lined to improve their resistance against corrosion and chemicals. The PTFE lined valves operate smoothly and efficiently, and are easy to clean and maintain.

PFA Lined Valve

Explore our range of valves which are PFA lined to improve their electric insulation and non-stick properties, while making them resistant to a wide range of chemicals. These valves are also suitable for use in high-temperature applications.

PTFE Lined Fitting

Pipes and pipe fittings are PTFE lined to make them suitable for several industrial applications. The PTFE line fittings have better durability, improved performance and longer service life. These are also ideal for applications that demand chemical and temperature resistance.

FEP Lined Valve

Butterfly, ball, globe, diaphragm, plug and many other kinds of valves are FEP lined to make them ideal for use in semiconductor, electrical, electronics, chemical and other indutries. FEP lined valves are protected from corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, and harsh environments. 

PVDF Lined Valve

The valve is PVDF lined by applying a PVDF layer to the valve surface through extrusion lining process. The PVDF line valve has improved mechanical strength along with the resistance against chemicals and extreme temperatures. This valve can also be used for outdoor applications.

HDPE Lined Valve

When melted HDPE material is extruded on a valves surface, that valve is called as HDPE lined valve. This kind of valve can be used in applications in industrial settings, like water treatment, oil, gas, mining, etc.